Thanks for your interest in the phpTable Class Creator.

What it does

phpTable Class Creator takes information from an existing Mysql table (other db's will be supported in the future) and creates a php Class based on this information. The class contains functions for the initialisation of the class, output of a new form, output of an edit form (using a WHERE statement) and basic code for load, delete and execute of records.

There are other functions also and I will document them as I can. A basic flowchart that shows the class structure and function flow is included (in Dia format) in the download.

The Interface

The interface for phpTable Class Creator is web driven and is similar to a wizard.

One of the main design goals of the project is to make the creation of the class as simple as possible without sacrificing the ability for fine grained modifications. To this end the interface defaults will allow the creation of a class with a couple of clicks or in depth modification if required.

A couple of screenshots of the product as it stands can be found here. The code is currently usable as it stands but further modifications are occurring at a great rate of knots. Expect updates daily for the next few weeks (13 December 2001)

The code can be downloaded from the project page on sourceforge here


13 December 2001
phpTCC 0.2 released!

The first beta of phpTCC has been released. Releases will occur at regular intervals up to Christmas.

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